The Automatic Man is a podcast designed for men. Men are automatic in the way they respond to the world. One automatic response is Right, one is Left. We are here to explore the middle. We are looking to promote Libertarian ideals of tolerance and freedom. The Right and Left are polarizing, it’s time to explore the values of both and shed the pitfalls.

But we are not all politics. We also love food, beverage and wild adventures! It’s just a podcast for men and how they can be a powerful impact on the world. David Cash brings an authentic perspective to how the modern man can have meaning and purpose.

David is a business owner who works with small manufacturers of food and beverages to distribute their products to large retailers. David is a husband, father and adventurous thinker.

David holds a degree in Accounting, focusing on financial counseling; experienced in direct store delivery businesses and new product development.

Welcome to the new world that you create!

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